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  • Once the bandage has been carefully removed, it’s quite likely that your tattooed area will be weeping and oozing with blood, plasma, lymphatic fluid and ink. This is completely acceptable, and is the body’s way of trying to repair itself.

  • Your tattoo is going to be very sore for the first several days, especially if it’s a big piece.  It may feel similar to a sunburn. 

  • Your tattoo may peel anywhere from 3-6 days after having it done. Do not pick at it.

  • Some swelling and redness may occur, however it should not exceed 5 days.

  • Leave the bandage on for 2-6 hours. This bandage is there to keep airborne bacteria and other contaminants from invading your wound. Carefully remove the bandage. If it sticks, use water to loosen the bandage and gently remove it.

  • After removing the bandage, with clean hands, use your hand to cleanse the area with an unscented antibacterial pump soap and water. Do not use a cloth. Repeat this process 3-5 times then gently pat the tattoo dry with a clean towel.

  • Lightly apply a THIN LAYER of Aquaphor or VItamins A&D Ointment and rub it into the skin well. Your tattoo should not be wet or greasy-looking. Do not re-bandage.

  • For the next 2 DAYS, make sure the tattoo is kept clean and ointment is applied 2-4 times a day.

  • Do not use the ointment for more than 2 days

  • After 2 days switch over to some kind of unscented lotion. We highly recommend Cocoa Butter and Shea Butter. Continue using lotion for 2-4 weeks until the tattoo is fully healed.

  • Avoid picking off any scabs that have formed. This will delay recovery and may pull color from the area before the tattoo heals up completely.

  • Do not use an excessive amount of ointment when healing your tattoo. This will smother it and can cause improper healing and possible fading.

  • Your tattoo may itch – do not scratch it. A good aftercare tip is to apply lotion to moisturize the area and help relieve itching.

  • In the first few months after getting a tattoo, keep it covered with sunscreen or sun-protective clothing. Direct sunlight can cause your tattoo to fade, which can’t be reversed.

  • Avoid any kind of swimming for at least 2-3 weeks.

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