~With Wildside since 2010

~Professionally body piercing since 2011

~Owner and Senior Piercing Specialist

~Loves coffee, butterscotch, and her grandbabies

Cheek/Dimple Piercings
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Triple Forward Helix
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Daith and Patterned Helix Piercing
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Paw Print Helix Piercing
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Industrial Piercing
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Cartilage and Lobe Piercings
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Patterned Helix and Lobe Piercings
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What Wildside Means to Me:

A Note From Kim

I love the field of body art and modifications. It's always changing and evolving, providing constant opportunities to learn new things.
I love being a piercer. Whether it's a client I've known for years or someone coming to see me for the very first time-- I get satisfaction from knowing I'm giving them something that makes them feel good about themselves and will boost their confidence. Changing self esteem, one piercing at a time!
I also enjoy talking to our tattoo clients. If our artists aren't immediately available to speak with someone, its helpful to discuss their idea beforehand so they can be placed with the artist best suited for the task. It's fun to get to know their personalities, brainstorm with them, and turn a vague idea into something really cool. It feels good to be part of the process.

More than anything though, this place isnt just a business to me. It's my home. I've been here from the beginning and it's been a labor of love to build it up from what it was. I have amazing people working here. They do a fantastic job and are truly good people. Corey, Dani, and Alyssa aren't just co-workers-- Im proud to call them family. We're in this together, trying to build something great, and none of this would be possible without each of them.

It's my hope that others will come in and see this place for what it is, and love it as much as I do. We're the new Wildside.